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ex-cel (ik-sel’) or ex-celling:  To go beyond or above, outdo, surpass (another or others)


What is Resiliency?

The term resilience can be defined as follows:

  1. the capability of a strained body or organism to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress;
  2. as ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune. [Webster’s Dictionary]

Each individual possesses a renewable capacity for resilience – creating a life-long ability to heal, regenerate, and grow beyond our current limits.

Too often, however, we find ourselves surrounded by constant and relentless pressures that can wear us down, both physically and emotionally. When we learn to use our resiliency, our chances of “landing on our feet” can increase dramatically. Resiliency helps us lead healthier more fulfilling lives.

Essi Systems’ Resiliency Map (TM)

Wilson Hughes Consulting will assist you in making optimal use of the Essi Systems’ Resiliency Map (TM) by exploring your resiliency demands and current level of functioning. Identification of new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance will allow you to maximize all areas of your life.