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ex-cel (ik-sel’) or ex-celling:  To go beyond or above, outdo, surpass (another or others)

Presentations and Training

Marketing 101

Basic Public Relations and Marketing overview, including numerous marketing strategies.  In addition, a template for developing a Marketing Plan is provided.

Presentations and Public Speaking

Tips for successful public speaking including presentation skills.  Includes an overview of how to develop a Power Point presentation that will engage your audience.

Media Relations

How to develop relationships with key media contacts.  Interview skills for print, radio and television media. 

Building a High Performance Team

Overview of the key components of a high performance team and helpful suggestions for how to move YOUR team in the right direction.  Presentation can include guidelines for efficient team meetings.

Emotional Intelligence

Review of the evidence-based concept of Emotional Intelligence including a description of the primary components of EI and how to apply this new knowledge to your life.  A longer workshop can include self-administration of the EQ Map™ and evaluation of your results. 

Coaching Your Staff

Overview of the concept of “Coaching” and suggestions for how to coach your staff to optimize their contribution to your organization.

Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development

Overview of the principles of Strategic Planning, including an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.  A template for a Business Plan is provided, along with guidance for how to develop your own business plan.

Diversifying Your Business

Introduction to the concept of “Growth Alchemy”, with a focus on diversification of your market to maximize volume.

Contraception Updates

Overview of current contraceptive options including new technologies.

Beyond the Golden Rule:  Cultural Awareness, Competence and Sensitivity in Perinatal Care

Overview of common cultures and implications for perinatal care providers.  A framework for providing culturally competent care is reviewed.

Excelerating:  Living Life with Balance and Passion

Inspirational presentation to move individuals to new heights of life performance and satisfaction.  Presentation can be customized for various lengths.

Conflict Management

Practical information about conflict in the professional arena including numerous strategies for bringing conflict to resolution.  The Thomas-Killman Conflict Style Assessment is integrated into this presentation.


A motivating personal-growth topic which can be customized in length and depth of information.  The Resilience Map™ can be integrated into this presentation for additional value to participants.

Generational Workforce Issues: How to Create a Healthy Work Place

Introduction to the concept of generations in the workforce with a focus on how to successfully blend workers of all ages into a healthy work environment.

A complete outline is available for each topic, including bibliography.  
Additional topics can be presented upon request.