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ex-cel (ik-sel’) or ex-celling:  To go beyond or above, outdo, surpass (another or others)

Excelling for Boards

Whether you are leading an organization or are on the board of directors, you have the opportunity and responsibility to maximize results.  In other words, it is up to you to help the organization excel.  Individuals commit to serving on a board for a variety of reasons.  The challenge is to pull together all of the strengths and energy of a board to do good work.  Wilson Hughes Consulting brings almost two decades of experience to support you through board development.  You may want to focus on:

  • Recruitment and Retention of High Performing Board Members
  • Aligning Board Member Strengths with committees to accomplish your goals
  • Clarifying your Vision, Mission and Values
  • Building a high performance board team
  • Designing board member measures for success

Organizations like yours need a strong and productive board to excel.  Now is the time for you to turn that opportunity into reality!